May 10th

Just as the sky started to brighten, we had to rise and prepare to depart from the Sofitel in Xi An. Fortunately, the hotel had collected all the bags we need to have checked and delivered them ahead of us to the airport so we could leave at 6:30am and have a quick breakfast.

The trip from Xi An to Shang Hai was uneventful and went smoothly with no one being directed the wrong direction this time. We collected our bags and met our tour guide; then proceeded onto the bus to go to the Shanghai Administration Institute where we would be staying for the next 4 nights.

We had time to change and eat lunch before our lecture at 2:30pm. The lecture was interesting and it was held where government officials met to discuss policies and were trained.

Shortly after the lecture, those in the group who wanted to have custom suits and garments made went to the tailor at 5pm.

After dinner, the entire group (including the profs) decided to go to a local karaoke bar. We booked the largest karaoke room which had a dance floor for 3 hours and had an amazing time. There were dozens of beer ordered and dirty tequila shots all around. Brent brought one of the new students to meet us there at karaoke. It was an excellent night which resulted in many tired people the next day.

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